Project Description

Client needed artwork for two releases from Summer and early-Winter, 2013.

For the first, a Summer release titled ‘Orbit,’ we chose a typeface that evoked 80’s video game consoles and paired it with an image of two planets in an exotic ‘dual orbit.’ Designed for dissemination across various social media channels.

For the second, the client wanted a washed-out, psychedelic image of Houston traffic that created visual tension.

We opted to layer a red and a blue-filtered copy over the original image, moving slightly these overlays to generate tension and create a visual context for the release, ‘Trippin In Traffic.’ The typeface we chose draws inspiration from fervid handwriting, mirroring the skewed, red-and-blued image of gridlock.

Again, we designed this artwork to present well at smaller resolutions for dissemination across the client’s social media profiles.

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