Project Description

A bespoke UI concept for a project by Bricolage Audio called WAVEMAKER 1.1, which allows end-users to start with some basic audio waveforms and, using a limited set of tools and parameters, modulate the waveform iteratively and save the results in a table, called a wavetable.

The concept visualizes a waveform (more specifically, one cycle of a waveform) ‘modulated’ by another wave — carrier and operator signals, respectively. This kind of synthesis, called FM or frequency modulation synthesis, can be visualized and even generated within a browser window.

For this project, we needed to visualize a waveform that, using FM synthesis and individual partials editing, could be manipulated to produce a series of waves that could be stored and displayed in 3d. So what was needed included an interface for generating, visualizing, and storing audio waveforms. The image below is our first-pass at a user-interface for this type of wave-generation in the browser.

For the front-end, we are combining Tone.js, P5.js, and D3.js, to generate and visualize (in three-dimensions for wavetables) the interface and audio waveforms. Project is currently under development.


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